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Grow faster.

Boost your customer reach and increase orders with our exclusive online media buying services.

We design, launch and optimise marketing campaigns that drive customers to your business.

Why Chui media

Data driven marketing = SKY rocket returns

We use years of experience in delivering measurable growth to ensure your business grows faster.

Old Way

  • Boosting posts wastes budgets Increases engagement but not sales
  • Low returns on media spend No systemized, integrated marketing
  • Hope and spray marketing Generic = low sales
  • Poorly Optimized campaigns Juggling multiple tasks slows potential
  • Poor campaign management Living in "spreadsheet hell"

New Way

  • No more Boosting posts We optimise for sales not engagement
  • Systematized marketing Reduces acquisition costs by up to 60%
  • Increase Customer Value Convert onetime guests to known regulars
  • Ai Optimization Keeps up with your marketing goals
  • Data-driven marketing Personalized customer engagement

It's smart marketing without lifting a finger!

How we help you Grow

Unlock your business potential with paid media advertising

The world is changing fast. Don’t Let Your Business Get Left Behind


Remove the guess work

We apply key principles of psychology, user testing and market research to get immediate clarity our action plans.


Data-Driven Strategies

Our decisions are backed by data, statistics & clever algorithms to constantly testing the limits of all of the advertising.


Optimisation made simple

Our internal tools protect your media spend and automate complex management tasks maximise returns.

What we do

Results-driven managed digital media buying.

Google Ads

We have created 100’s of performance Google Ad campaigns that deliver real results.

Facebook Ads

Reach your target audience with ads across in Facebook with proven campaign strategies.

Instagram Ads

Maximise your returns and engage new customers on Instagram. Don’t let your business get left behind.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes trust us to help them grow in the most cost effective and honest way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will handle the creative?
This is a valid question that comes up again and again – and for good reason. One of the most complicated parts of advertising is having to spin up new creative on a whim. Raw creatives are shared by you , our world-class copy and creative team that is here to create ad copy, images and videos
Which industries do you work with?
We are working exclusively with businesses that match our LOCAL or DELIVERY services. While slightly larger businesses tend to see the strongest impact and value, we also offer other packages that smaller companies tend to benefit from as well!
What kind of results will I get?
On a performance model, your success is our success too. If we don't think there's a strong likelihood of long-term success, we'll tell you that up front and explain in detail why.
When do I start to see results?
Technically, you’ll start to see results right away; however, it takes about 90 days for a campaign to “normalize” to the point of understanding how it will perform long-term.
What can I expect from this service?
Commitment to your growth. We pride ourselves on treating our customers just as we would our own team members.
How do you track results?
That's the best part, tracking is already piped into LOCAL/DELIVERY dashboards. We also provide real-time marketing dashboards
What budgets do you work with?
We work with budgets from 30,000 KES

Grow faster in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Your Strategic Account Plan
Step 2: Meet Your New Marketing Team
Step 3: Unlock Your Online Business

We believe you should be freed to focus on service and not wasting time in the media buying jungle.

We get it, entrusting your marketing budget to an outsider is hard

Our promise to you is that you’ll never feel insecure about your marketing direction or worried that your advertising budget isn’t being fully optimized.

  • 75+ million shillings managed annually
  • Trusted by businesses across the globe.
  • Certified experts on all media buying platforms.

Chui Media are a great company who really know how to put their customers first. They really helped me grow my company. Trustworthy is one thing they are and also very efficient in how they work. They care about the consistent growth of business to us not to them which is a plus. It is hard to find such companies in Nairobi today as everyone is normally out to get your money. Chui Media and team helped us also understand our clients and how best to serve them online. I recommend anyone new in industry or old to use them. Great company and people.


David Nyaga


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