Introducing LOCAL...

Marketing Made Easy.

Turn M-Pesa payments into automated growth for your business.

Built for business owners and marketing professionals who want to increase repeat business, referrals and sales while spending less on advertising.


Better data = better outcomes.

LOCAL combines your MPesa data with propitiatory marketing engines to stay top of mind by automatically reaching out to your customers with the right offer at the right time.

Old Way

  • 40% of all media spend is wasted Not knowing what works
  • Poor returns on media spend New customers cost up to 8X more to acquire
  • High customer churn 60% of new customers never return
  • Hope and spray strategies Generic = irrelevant
  • Poor customer segmentation Manual updates are costly and error prone
  • Poor data management Living in "spreadsheet hell"
  • Cumbersome loyalty program Poor customers signup <30%

New Way

  • No more guesswork Know exactly whats driving sales
  • Unlock profitability with retention Boost profits by up to 95%
  • Increase Customer Value Convert onetime guests to known regulars
  • Data-driven marketing Personalized customer engagement
  • Automated customer segmentation Upload once and your done!
  • Real-time dashboards Rise above the spreadsheet chaos.
  • Effortless signup 70%+ of customers signup

It's smart marketing without lifting a finger!

How LOCAL Works

A New Way To Grow Your Business.

1. Capture
Control your destiny. Depend less on third party market places by growing your own customer database on autopilot.
2. Engage
Engage customers, maximise lifetime value and drive referrals by sending the right rewards to the right customer at the right time.
3. Grow
Send unique messages that adapt to each customer engagement and spend behaviour to encourage increased visits.

All with flexible pricing and no hidden fees or contracts

Only pay for the interactions your business actually needs.

why you'll love LOCAL

Easy to use, R.O.I focused and personalised engagement

Effortless for guests and staff

No POS customisation, punch cards, QR codes or manual inputs required for your team and customers to learn.

Happy marketers

Local intelligently works towards achieving your marketing KPIs with valuable insights.

Happy managers

Save time with intelligent reports and delivery of effective rewards and promotions to your customers.

Activate your MPesa data to build lasting, profitable relationships.

effortless List Building

MPesa Payments captured effortlessly in real-time.

Once your customer makes a payment, LOCAL tracks the purchase, behavior and delivers a reward seamlessly.

  • No more manual uploads Save tedious hours uploading data
  • No heavy IT costs We integrate your numbers for FREE
  • No more wasted spend Automated scrubbing keeps your list healthy
  • No more hope and spray Enjoy Intelligent marketing at your fingertips
  • No more manual segmentation Enjoy real-time segmention

Effortless for guests with no P.O.S integration required.

With MPesa integration, you gain access to purchase insights every time your customers pays.

Jenga API

More customers in your list = more revenues for your business!

Marketing that grows customer lifetime value, predictably.

Wherever your customers' journey is with your business, Local helps you engage and retain them for longer.

Boost Slow times.

Send personalized promotions to boost sales. Don’t waste money with spray campaigns that don’t yield Returns.

Bring Back Customers.

Improve customer loyalty across all customer segments. LOCAL drives Up to 26% of spends from cold, inactive segments.

Boost Reputation.

Request, collect and showcase reviews from genuine customers to shape your business; build loyalty & boost referrals.

Unlock deep customer insights to grow faster

No more guesswork. See how your campaigns are performing in real-time and save time on manual reporting.

Business metrics
Performance Metrics
Customer Metrics
Campaign Metrics
Promotion Metrics
Conversion Metrics

LOCAL is perfect for


The rapid rise of digital and off-premises dining, accelerated by COVID-19, has triggered the transformation of restaurants as we know them forever. It’s time to turn your offline business “on”.

Drive more profitable food delivery without hefty commission fees.

Bars and Pubs

Traffic to bars and pubs has evaporated due to lockdown and curfews. But your bills have kept coming in, you need sales and you need them now.

LOCAL allows you to sell directly to your customers to bring in that needed boost in sales

Coffee & Tea

Ever wish you had a word of mouth strategy?

We make this Super easy! LOCAL turns deals and rewards into shareable assets…empowering your satisfied customers to introduce their family and friends to your cafe!


It’s time to reward your customers with a program that’s as sweet as your confections. LOCAL is perfect for ice cream shops and bakeries which want to promote their newest creations or bring in an extra boost in sales.

Bring back first-timers and regulars alike with ease

Wines and Spirits

Business has gone up with restrictions.

Now is the time to embrace digital, capture more customer data, and take action to personalize guest interactions to drive more revenue and grow the business.

Convenience Stores

Customer engagement can be tricky for convenience stores. Between 65 to 75% of convenience store customers buy gas but never enter the store.

Get customers into your store with a customer engagement and loyalty program.

Capturing your customers attention with social media alone is challenging and constant discounts are expensive.

You need to understand your best customers deeply and personalize how you engage with them to cut through the noise.

Better data means better Returns

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Interaction?
An interaction is a measurable message that is sent to your customer to elicit an action (review, sale, refer)
How are the interactions delivered?
Interactions are delivered via SMS
How much do interactions cost?
Each Interaction costs 10 KES minus VAT
How do I buy interactions?
We use a flexible pay as you go credit system. Only pay for what you need.
What type of offers work the best?
We recommend small Free gifts that complements any order that your customers will perceive highly.
How many messages can I send?
Message volume depends on your customer purchase frequency, checkout our guide to find out how measure your frequency.
What are the setup costs?
Sender ID fee of 5600 to Safaricom is required. We have no internal setup fees.
What do I need to start?
A completed business profile, Company sender ID and Mpesa Integration.
How do I integrate my Mpesa number?
We use two methods, manual and real-time. For real-time we connect using Safaricom's Daraja and KopoKopo with more on the way
How do you protect my Data?
We are very serious about data protection, it is why we built LOCAL to moneytise your data while keeping it safe. Your data will NEVER be shared with third parties other than Ad networks like Facebook and Google that use machine learning to bring you similar customers. Your customer phone numbers are partly blocked and not downloadable on our platforms. Your data is designated internal data security team using strict guidelines. All details can be found on our terms page
How do you track the performance?
We use a 1 day attribution model like "redemption before a sale" or "interaction view before a sale"
Our mission is to help you identify high-value customers and tailor engagement to each individual's needs.

Roughly 70% of revenue comes from 20% of your customers.

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