Introducing Delivery...

Profitable Online Delivery Platform

Increase more customer orders for pickup or delivery without hefty commission fees.

Perfect for cafes, restaurants, dark kitchens, street food pop-ups, breweries, wines and spirits and more.


It’s your customers, your brand, and your amazing products.

Having your own online order management platform gives your customers a fast and simple way to order regularly from you… is the perfect way to build loyalty and retain your customers.


Old Way

  • No delivery updates Customers never updated on order status
  • Lack of options Customers can only order via telephone
  • Manual order management Delays in processing orders
  • Poor customer experience Order errors not caught in time

New Way

  • Order Notifications Update your customers in real-time
  • Never misss an order Free online shopping page
  • Simply your order management Keep on track with a real-time dashboard
  • Delight your customers Simple to use for customers and staff

Third Party VS Delivery

In the age of social distancing, we understand the need to use third-party delivery services to sell your services. However you need to understand the drawbacks.

Old Way

  • Lack of control No control over the customer experience
  • High commission fees Up to 30% commission is not a sustainable
  • Loss of customer Giving away your hard-earned priced asset
  • Lack of data TPD's don't like to share customer data

New Way

  • Complete control Extend your in-store experience online
  • Commission Free Manage your orders and save up to 30% in fees
  • Keep all your customers Sell directly to your customers
  • Keep all your data Manage pickup or delivery orders in house

Plus with our dedicated customer success team, you can start to grow your sales like never before.

Cut delivery time, improve efficiency, delight your customers, and decrease the overall cost. 


A New Way To Grow Your Business.

1. Complete Profile
Sign up and complete your business profile by uploading your best selling items on your powerful eCommerce page.
2. Add Riders
Add your own riders or courier partners who will deliver your orders.
3. Take Orders
Send your customers to your online store page to make orders anytime during business hours. You can also handle phone orders.

Take unlimited orders with no setup or commission fees

Only pay a single low fee of 30 +VAT per order.

why you'll love DELIVERY

Easy to use, R.O.I focused and increased engagement

Effortless for staff

Manage all of orders on your dashboard. View order details, your customers and much more.

Convenient for guests

Allow your customers to place orders directly to pick up in-store or get delivered to their door.

Happy managers

Save time with intelligent reports and delivery of effective rewards and promotions to your customers.

Your brand, your success

No matter how much your business grows, you will always be able to make unlimited orders with minimal costs.

Boost Your Sales

Reduce your fees to third party aggregators and watch your profits take off.

Increase Loyalty

Keep your customers coming back for more simple, convenient online ordering.

Grow Your Brand

Magnify your digital presence with online ordering shop for your food or drink business.

Serve even more customers with mobile web ordering

Manage your orders with one powerful dashboard

Use your dashboard for a full view of your online sales performance, average order value, where your orders come from, and much more
Online Store
Category- Items
Menu - Items
Order tracking - delivery
Order tracking - pickup
Serve more customers online
Power your business with DELIVERY online ordering system and you’ll never have to worry about high fees or commissions.

DELIVERY is perfect for


The rapid rise of digital and off-premises dining, accelerated by COVID-19, has triggered the transformation of restaurants as we know them forever. It’s time to turn your offline business “on”.

Drive more profitable food delivery without hefty commission fees.

Bars and Pubs

Traffic to bars and pubs has evaporated due to lockdown and curfews. But your bills have kept coming in, you need sales and you need them now.

DELIVERY allows your customers to order directly.

Coffee & Tea

Getting orders out fast and efficiently is key to running a successful cafe.

Delivery has you covered.


DELIVERY is perfect for ice cream shops and bakeries which want to deliver their newest creations or bring in an extra boost in sales.

Bring back first-timers and regulars alike with ease.

Wines and Spirits

Business has gone up with restrictions.

Drive more revenue with online ordering and grow your business.

Convenience Stores

Customer engagement can be tricky for convenience stores. Between 65 to 75% of convenience store customers buy gas but never enter the store.

Get customers into your store with a customer engagement and loyalty program.

DELIVERY Makes It Easy to Manage online orders.

Online ordering system for food and drink businesses that is easy to use and fast to set up.

Get more profitable, starting now

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Delivery order?
This is any order that comes from your customers directly via the online store or is entered by a staff member when a customers calls to order.
Do I need my own riders?
Yes, add your own riders or can partner with as many riders as you need.
How do contact the riders?
Once you accept an order, you can pick a rider from your list and they will receive an SMS with order details.
How much does its cost?
Each order is a flat 30 KES minus VAT
How many orders can I manage?
You can manage as many orders as you want
How do I make payments
We use a flexible pay as you go credit system. Only pay for what you need.
What are the setup costs
There no setup fees.
What do I need to start?
A verified business profile, At least 1 rider, 1 category and 3 products.
How do I connect my MPesa?
We provide your payment details to customers so they can pay you directly
How do you protect my Data?
We are very serious about data protection. Your data will NEVER be shared with any third parties (if your utilizing our paid media service)other than Ad networks like Facebook and Google that use machine learning to bring you similar customers.
How do you track the sales?
We provide a dashboard of your revenue and product sales.

Get you more orders out the door with web and mobile ordering.

Create your own online ordering website in minutes.

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