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Increase customer retention, acquisition and engagement.

About Us

Introducing...automated growth marketing for SMEs

Chui media is bringing enterprise marketing systems to small and medium Kenyan businesses.

Harness the power of data-driven technology to create personalized customer experiences at scale.

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SIB - MansaX

A simple, predictable way to double sales.

There are only 3 ways to grow any business

- Increase customers

- Increase purchase frequency

- Increase the average order value

The biggest mistake small businesses make is focusing only on increasing new customers.

The limitations and obstacles you encounter are many from;

- Limited budgets with unrealistic goals.

- Constantly searching for new marketing ideas.

- Expensive solutions that over promise and under deliver.

- Not knowing what is working.

- Inconsistent growth or mediocre results from campaigns.

- High customer acquisition costs.

To cap it off, over 60% of new customers never return.

All that hard work and money invested, POOF! GONE.

With lock downs, curfews and shifts in consumer spending...

That big growth plan starting to look more like a pipe dream.

Our methodology

We believe the best way to work on all 3 ways at the same time for predictable growth.

Here's how

When you increase all 3 methods by 26%, SALES DOUBLE.

This is much more attainable than trying to doubling any one method.

The formula is straightforward:

2x Growth = Avg Check (26%) x Purchase Frequency (26%) x New customers (26%)

Our Solutions

While the idea is simple, it can be challenging to do without the right systems.

That's where our solutions come in.

We’ve built solutions that bring the best in class for acquisition and retention in one ecosystem.

Our powerful solutions grow your business while building long term growth and engagement.

Learn more about our solutions below


Bring back more customers.

Turning your MPesa payments into automated growth for your business. Increase repeat business, referrals and sales while spending less on advertising.


Stop losing sales.

Serve more customers online for pickup or delivery without hefty commission fees. Grow your business with our online ordering system.

Who We Serve

Marketing Managers

Drive Growth and Positioning.

Demonstrate R.O.I and Effectiveness of your strategies with Data Driven Marketing.


Grow your business

Systematize and scale your marketing operations and add new passive income streams.


Reach More Customers

Achieve marketing K.P.I's with valuable insights and strategies that increase brand growth.

What some of our customers are saying...

Sam Mugacha - Faida Investment Bank

I cannot thank Sam and his Team at Chui Media enough for the Digital Campaign they run for us! It was an absolute pleasure working with them. Sam, the MD, is so knowledgeable and is an expert in his field and what is happening at the cutting edge of digital marketing. They followed my brief perfectly and ensured that I was happy at all stages throughout the process.They were patient with us and gave us very many ideas.They are a pleasure to deal with

Mark Kaigwa - Nendo

It has been great collaborating with Sam and the Chui team on matters to do with performance marketing for our clients. We've had them as a trusted partner supporting our projects and clients and recommend them for their SMS and digital marketing services, particularly with regard to funnels and content optimisation.

David Nyaga - SCFM

Chui Media are a great company who really know how to put their customers first. They really helped me grow my company. Trustworthy is one thing they are and also very efficient in how they work. They care about the consistent growth of business to us not to them which is a plus. It is hard to find such companies in Nairobi today as everyone is normally out to get your money. Chui Media and team helped us also understand our clients and how best to serve them online. I recommend anyone new in industry or old to use them. Great company and people.

Beth Barii - Digital Edge Interactive

I have worked with Sam and Chui Media for the past five years and they always provide a personal,professional and above all UNIQUE digital marketing services,i cannot recommend them enough.What i really like about their service is the reporting they provide for each campaign they run.No matter the objective,you always know how the campaigns are working.I can only applaud the work ethic and diligence that Sam and his team provide.

Our Story
Samuel Gachui

Samuel K Gachui - Founder

15 years, 550 Million shillings in digital media.

Welcome to Chui media,

We help businesses in Kenya, the US and UK to scale to dizzy heights with digital marketing.

We are different and don't operate like other digital agencies so it's important that you read on to understand why.

There are two types of digital marketing agencies.

1 - The jack-of-all-trades, "we do everything" agencies.

2 - Specialists: the digital assassins who have made a choice to focus on ONE thing and be the best at it.

Chui media specialise in paid media advertising, on search networks like Google and Social media like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

We turn 1 shilling into 2, 3 or more at scale with digital media buying.

In order to have predictable growth with digital advertising you need two work on two things, Traffic (attention) and conversion (end results).

🤔 The challenges that lead us here:

On our quest to offer the best service, we encountered 3 major challenges when it come to running campaigns for Kenyan businesses.

1- Poorly designed digital assets - The pages clients wanted to promote were not optimised for conversion. They were slow, lacked tracking, and not mobile friendly.

2- No clear path to a conversion - lack of a fully integrated or centralised data hub or CRM made connecting our marketing data to sales extremely challenging.

3 - Financial constraints - Because of the way we had set up our business model, most SMEs couldn't afford our services to build custom solutions to the first two issues.

We work on a performance model based on tangible results like leads and sales, so we set out to create a simple, clear and predictive way to achieve these tasks.

That's why we've created LOCAL and Delivery, your marketing growth engines.

Now you can focus your time and budget on the things that matter most in your business: your products and customers.

Our entire service works on a proprietary system of processes, channels and tools.

Our team is agile, global and works remotely from Kenya, US, UK and Russia.


We built our new service from the ground up from the best marketing experience and tools.


This means that we achieve more while doing less work than other marketing agencies at scale.


What that means is you don't pay for us to muck around in spreadsheets, integrations or untested theories.


You partner with us to solve real business problems; inbound calls, sales, appointments and leads. 

After 15 years of marketing experience across the globe, we want serve the small to medium business.

We are bringing enterprise tools to empower you to build deeper customer relationship at scale.

Our tools are easy to use and the service is transparent and collaborative.


You get full access to everything in real-time (no more waiting for end month reports)


With our help, you can start to grow your sales like never before.


We're standing by to chat about your business.

Our Commitment to you

  • Affordable Pricing Pay As You Grow, get everything Chui media has to offer and only pay for the marketing campaigns you need as and when you need them.
  • No long-term contracts Our goal is to create long-term relationships by being completely transparent, responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value.
  • Complete Ownership In this digital age, data is king. You own all applicable intellectual property we use. We are just here to help you understand it to use it to drive growth.


Our vision is to drive consistent growth using digital media without the advertising wastage and headaches.


Our mission is to help you identify high-value customers and tailor engagement to each individual's needs.


Our Philosophy is to follow a 5 step results-driven approach to take the risk out of marketing.

House 6, Metropolitan Court, Argwings Kodhek Rd, House 6, Nairobi City, Kenya



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